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th birthday of our dear sister rosa parks. as our country continues to celebrate the beginning and as our country continues to celebrate the beginning of the second term of our great president, president barack obama. now, it's easy to take for granted the progress that we've made as a country because we are forever looking to solve today's problems and as we continue to meet tomorrow's challenges as we shape our future. but what it is, it's definitely worthwhile to take a look back at the great works of our predecessor and the brave men and women who have paved the way for progress that we enjoy here in the 21st century. and if you look around, many of those men and women are right here with us in the rotunda today. we remember the people who braved police dogs and fire hoses turned against them by their own government officials in the south, people who believed that an idea -- believed in an idea that we're all created equal and that we're willing to risk and that we're willing to risk their life in the purchase soul of a lofty promise in america. today we celebrate black his
and that helped to warm up a few degrees and few locations as much as 8 degrees. santa rosa, 68. concord reached a high of 64 and monterey climbed to 62 degrees. another nice shot four. this is from high definition mount tamalpais camera, looking down to the bay and clear skies right now. san francisco 52 and 50 in san jose. santa cruz, 57 and one more shot for you. east bay cam, bay bridge on the oakland side heading toward oakland side, there it is in the city and the background, clear skies, santa rosa, 54. fairfield, 43 degrees and then we have 44 right now in gilroy. here is a look at our forecast highlights. take you in through much of the up coming week, clear and cool overnight. patchy clouds tomorrow and then we'll start to gradually warm through the rest of our workweek. it will be another dry week ahead. so no rain in our accu-weather forecast for the next five to seven days. cold temperatures, 35 for napa and san francisco, 44 degrees and a little cloudiness will start to move in tonight. palo alto 41 and some of the high clouds early tomorrow morning. low tonight is 35 degrees. this
in concord. should be about 65 degrees in santa rosa. at the beach a little breezier today 58 degrees in pacifica and 60 in san francisco. more on your weather in just a few minutes. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> at the bay bridge, thank you, lawrence, here's a live look right now traffic heading into san francisco. a shorter line in the cash lanes at 4:30. just an early-morning wait but right now good to go no wait across the upper deck and no roadwork. traveling the nimitz, there is overnight roadwork, closing the left lanes on southbound 880 between 23rd and high street. more roadwork on southbound 880 between davis and marina as you make your way into san leandro. should wrap up between 5 and 6 this morning. more overnight roadwork out of livermore. eastbound lanes of 580 approaching north greenville road, various lanes blocked. they are saying until 11:00 this morning. in the meantime in the commute direction it's still free and clear out of tracy towards the dublin interchange. here's another live look at the golden gate bridge. t
rosa. earlier upper 60s around parts of sonoma county. we have the winds out of the north. notice a bit of an on shore push as the weather system brings in more clouds tonight. i think there is enough lift to toss a chance of a few showers and maybe drizzle on the coast very early tomorrow morning. after that we are talking about a dry week. warming temperatures as we finish off february and move into march with more dry weather. you might notice a few of the high clouds coming by as high pressure temporarily gets dented by the weather system. it is not going to clear the way. we will see more clouds briefly. wednesday, thursday, friday the high will build back across northern california and give us a slight offshore wind pattern. for the bay area especially friday into next weekend inland valleys seeing 70s. this should be the first day of march. as we go into next weekend we will see 70s inland and temperatures staying mild. tomorrow morning maybe a few sprinkles or stray showers. after that mostly sunny skies and high clouds drifting through to go into tuesday. wednesday will probabl
if not for rosa parks. rosa parks made martin luther king possible. (applause) >> and i believe that those four students in greensboro also made the accomplishments that we he attribute to martin luther king as a symbol of the movement. martin luther king understood that many of the things that we attribute to him would not have been possible without the grassroots of the struggle. and that brings me back to the book that i've written about the last 50 years. when i was a teenager, a 19 year old, i went to the march on washington. and right before going, i met some of these young activists who are associated with the student nonviolent coordinating committee. i must say that that affected the way in which i viewed the march. like everyone else, i wanted to see what martin luther king's concluding speech would be. but i was also interested in the speech of john lewis who was the chair of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. just days before the march, i had met one of the snick activists at a conference. his name was stokely car michael. and from that time on, i understood that when we
rosa, already seeing a north breeze at 13 miles an hour. temperatures in santa rosa, 63 degrees. widespread 50s around the bay. 57 oakland. 56 sfo. 56 in san francisco. upper 50s, low 60s in walnut creek. here's a look at what you can expect in the afternoon. shaving a degree or two. 63 san rafael. 60 in berkeley with the onshore breeze. 58 for san francisco today. 60 degrees in hayward. low 60s for concord, down into the santa clara valley, 62 for san jose. 63 morgan hill. 62 for santa cruz. extended forecast showing you we will warm it up as we get into tuesday. wednesday holding steady. thursday into friday, take a look at those numbers. going have to -- to have spring fever as we head into the business week. afternoon highs feeling pretty good. a little bit above the seasonal average. 70s in the forecast and into your weekend. temperatures will actually be nice and mild. low 70s in the forecast. slightly cooler on sunday. >> all right. thank you. >> you are welcome. >>> sinking feeling on wall street. you will hear the reason why -- just ahead. so... [ gasps ] these are sand
degrees. another look at san francisco, santa rosa at 58, and napa 54 and forward at 56 and los gatos still cool but you will catch up at 45 degrees. today, passing cloud and not so warm as yesterday, and it will be clear tonight and cooler especially inland and we will have a chance of frost in the deepest valleys. a dry forecast will extend probably another seven days with the warm peeking on -- peaking on friday or saturday. san jose maybe a degree warmer and san francisco and concord and santa rosa one to three degrees cooler. not much difference unless you are near the coast or higher elevations. behind you, you can see all the clear air tonight and tomorrow. in the south bay, santa clara valley, san jose 63 and santa cruz, same thing, low-to-mid 60's on the plane and dropping down to 357 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast, and up north all the inland valleys the low-to-mid 60's and sausalito, upper 50's. and low-to-mid 60's long the east bay shore and 59 in san ramon and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60's in the east bay, and traveling around the state, look how
. santa rosa went etch. mostly sunny. it will be nice here tuesday, and wednesday. everything turns around sunny side up and warmer. it will take us into the weekend. >>> first lady michelle obama made a surprise appearance at last nights oscars. >> and the oscar goes to argo. >> argo. a story about the rescue of six u.s. diplomats during the 1979 hostage crisis. the film directed by ben affleck and produced by george clooney wases favorite to win. we'll go live to hollywood for more of the winners. >>> results of a big night for emery based pixar. brave took home the best animated picture film. brave also made pixar history as the first film ter in the le role. >>> now outside holly good the biggest oscar party around was right here in san francisco. last night the academy of friends sponsored a party supporting six local hiv charities. it featured its own red carpet and gold statues and silent auction. it is biggest hiv fundraiser the academy of friends has all year. >> we had an oscar party last night. nothing like that. very small. >> you weren't painted gold. >> no. >>> time now 5:38.
are definitely possible. 35 santa rosa. napa airport at 33 degrees. san francisco at warmest at 45. 38 san jose. walnut creek 41. that system right in the middle of the country there. there is plenty to talk about. for us though everything is good to go. sunshine today. mostly sunny. few high clouds a little breezy at times. it will be more of a westerly breeze. after the system kind of falls apart. 50s and 60s. kind of a quiet pattern. slightly below average to near average on the temps. they will stay this way. and warmer weather kicks in thursday, friday, and saturday. >> oh my goodness. thank you, steve. >>> 6:11 is the time. oakland couple missing in peru. why there are growing concerns for their safety. >>> also random searchers find more horse meat in a popular retail store chain. the popular item off the menu. >>> why your taxes could be going up if you live in the south bay. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser perm
of the guard in cuba. >> young local couple on a trip of the lifetime and they santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning, palo alto police are looking for an armed man who tried to problem someone in a downtown parking garage. this is a sketch of the man wanted for the robbery attempt on friday night. the victim fought back and escaped and the suspect road away on a bicycle. police are investigating whether the suspect is involved in three other recent robberies in the palo alto area. >> reward is set up for a bay area couple who disappeared while traveling in peru. it has been a month since anyone has heard from jamie neal and garrett hand. co-workers of jamie neal have set up a reward fund for their whereabouts. flyers have been posted and the state department warned of potential kidnappings targeting americans in mid-february. >> i don't think they are just lost. i think something is wrong. >> we are functioning as a businesslike -- business, just like normal but there is a cloud^. >> they hope the reward will grow and it is set up where anyone who
washington, yo soy claudia uceda univision regreso con ustedes, mario, rosa el presidente de estados unidos pidiÓ hoy al congreso compromiso para evitar los recortes automÁticos del presupuesto federal que entrarÁn en vigor tan pronto como este viernes. silvana quiroz hablo con el portavoz de la casa blanca y desde alli nos tiene toda la informacion. silvana. gracias compaÑeros me encuentro en la casa blanca donde esta maÑana se dio a conocer un informe sobre estado por estado cual serÁ el impacto que tendrÁn los recortes automÁticos mas conocidos como sequestral hablamos con luis miranda vocero de la casa blanca y esto fue lo que nos comento: luis miranda vocero casa blanca "el presidente hizo un pedido a todos a que se comuniquen con sus congresistas para poder hacer que ellos llegan a un acuerdo, no le podemos decir a las familias que los dejares en una crisis. en virginia mas de 90mil trabajadores federales podri Ían quedarse con un inestable, en maryland tambien 46 mil trabajadores se veri Ían afectados. este seria un revÉs para la economia" como escucharon de entrara en vig
university there is a different issue focus for each one, so we had one a couple months ago at the rosa parks senior community i believe, and so the focus was on housing and about tenant associations because that was something the people there were really concerned with, so those happened. usually there are several weeks in each series and at different residents or senior centers or sites around the community so we're covering different people in different communities and areas and that's one of the examples we are always open for ideas. if you say "hey this residence could use a senior and disability university or the survival school please let us know. the housing collaborative i'm not going to say anything about because one of the board members karen is going to talk about that and computer classes. we have a wonderful lab -- how many do we have now? i want to say about 10 or 12 computers. we have three classes but people really learn at their own pace and what is amazing with our class and people come in and there is instruction and how to turn on the computer and not be squared to
now in concord, low 60s for oakland and livermore, middle 60s in santa rosa. a beautiful day in sanoma county. san san jose. we have the radar fired up and the national radar service in the south bay. as you would expect we are completely dry. now, in january, february, combine the two months we average 21 cloudy days. that is really not that bad considering that it is wintertime. this january and february we have had only four cloudy days and i am pretty confident we will they that way for the rest of february. we are talking 59 days, only four of them cloudy. it will be cheer tonight, that will lead the chill he temperatures, down to 36, fremont, 38. redwood city, 38. here is the set up in the skies above us. all about high pressure which is just strong enough and just close enough to, yet again, deflect another storm system to our north. the rain is far south taking the storm track, keeping it up to the north, the sierra may see snow shower bus we will stay dry and mostly sunny. that will be that way for the entire week. more storms
around the bay area. highs today did reach the upper 60s in parts of the north santa rosa. 52 around san jose. before we see temperatures warm even warmer in the 70s we've got that system you're looking at right there that may toss a few showers our way early tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about the changes in the forecast when we come right back. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>> tens of thousands of people packed into st. peter's square today for pope benedict's last audience. he addressed the crowd from the window at the vad can. this will the last sunday from him. look at that crowd. >>> and people at st. francis church in the city had mixed reactions to the pope's resignation today. >> i think they would pick a younger, a younger candidate to take over so he can serve for a much longer time than this one did. >> i've
. santa rosa, 36, 46 is the low for san francisco and pacifica. milder on the peninsula because of the proximity of the ocean. it is 53 degrees. a lot of activity moving across the pacific ocean heading towards the west coast. none of that is here because it is stuck to the north. by a big area of high pressure. the high pressure will not move all weeklong. one moving tomorrow. a different one on wednesday, another one on saturday. and, 0, none of the 3 will make it here because of the blocking area of pressure blocking the moisture to the north. only a couple hours to the north. a miss is a mis. mis-- miss. sunshine, 70 degrees, 0 rainfall for the next 7-9 days. morning, chili, 30s away from the water. sunny, mild during the day. high pressure making the closest path to us on friday we will start march in the 70s. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. san jose, 64, we are looking at 63 for sunnyvale. union city, 62. walnut creek, 62. low to middle 60s, kentfield tomorrow, high, 61 degrees, richmond, 63 degrees. oakland, about 64 d
valley. santa rosa 64. alameda 64 degrees. how about that? how about this for starting off march, friday and saturday in the 70s. just in, some signs that next week we may be wetter but this week no, bone dry. >> thank you. >>> all right. just days before massive budget cuts congress is heading back to work tomorrow. kpix's anne makovec with more. >> reporter: the latest deadline on capitol hill. >> i am calling this murder- suicide of government services and it will crash the economy. >> reporter: $85 billion worth of cuts are set to take effect on friday and congress is in recess. >> we are facing a government shut down and the american people are not going to receive positively to that. we are seeing fragile growth and only congress stands in the way. >> reporter: as usual congress can't agree and it might be us who has to pay. the white house released this list, what we could expect if it comes down. in california we lose $88 million in education funding, putting 1200 jobs at risk. >> this is the spring. you are trying to plan your budget for the fall. with this much chaos from washi
winds. >> just love the freezing mark in santa rosa, navatdo . 46 in san francisco. mid '40's and the peninsula. >>-desk just above freezing just above the freezing mark. >> redwood city 63 degrees. 65 in fairfield. 64 in antioch. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights stable weather for the next couple of days. we are talking sunny skies. any storms coming from the pacific northwest will bring some clouds to our area as well as cooler temperatures. we will see a gradual warming to the end of the week. >> friday and saturday temperatures cooler but dry and plenty of sunshine wrapping up the weekend. >> more on the extended forecast in my next report. >> looking at traffic. no hot spots. a good time to leave the house. the bay bridge toll plaza approach a handful of cars. practically in the at the toll plaza. >> the meter lights are off. >> exam until bridthe san mateoe stay will in both directions. >> the golden gate bridge 22 minutes from navato into san francisco. >> @ oakland couple bicycling through san south america have been missing for a month. 27 year-
. 63 right now we have started to bounce there and santa rosa, 58 in san jose. and 56 degrees a little breezy into san francisco. those winds picking up a bit more approaching the coastline. you can see the wind in the trees toward mount diablo. breezy at the coast, afternoon sunshine, patchy fog. otherwise, we are looking good. and then some warmer days ahead. in fact, tomorrow the next couple of days start to warm up but by the end of the week we could be talking about temperatures in the 70s. a lot of folks complaining about the pollen out signed and we are running moderate as far as the pollen count right now. so yeah, if you had some trouble with your nose a little sniffling and sneezing that's the reason y everything is blooming right now. we have one cold front passing by one behind it right here helping us suppress this ridge a bit but looks like staying dry for now and probably for the next four to five days. then toward the weekend we'll pick up clouds. temperatures though for today plan on 64 degrees in san jose. about 58 and breez
the temperatures. the official high, santa rosa, 68 today. san jose, 62. and downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. latest right now in the satellite, the storm track heading way up to our north, so we have clear skies right now. they will remain in place as we head into the overnight hours and early monday morning. a bit of a breeze. here is a look at some of the current wind reports. you can see they are sustained out toward the west at 18 miles an hour. also, a westerly wind at oakland, 12 miles an hour. a northerly breathe toward fairfield, travis air force base, at six miles an hour. tomorrow, you definitely want to bundle up. tomorrow morning, we'll be cooler than this morning. low 30's out toward santa rosa and napa. we could have patchy fog in parts of the north bay. san jose starting out the day at 3 9 degrees. a nice recovery, back up into the upper 50's to the low to mid 60's. coming up, we'll take a look at the highs in your neighborhood and also highlight the one day we could be tracking 70-degree temperatures on our five-day forecast. >>> from iran and the middle east, former preside
it back on. 88% in santa rosa. san jose, 74 but not far away. you can find greater amounts there. that's what goes down in the books. today, dry forecast and then by wednesday. thursday and friday, low to mid- 70s on the high temperatures. i think it will carry into saturday. clear, cold, some inland low. temperatures near 32. a little cooler thatten we saw on sunday. san francisco's high was yesterday. i dropped you to 58 because the low cloud deck is there. 40s, 54 and i think you will notice a cooler pattern today than on sunday. this system is ramped up a little bit of the low cloud deck. 30s for many, inland, even some 30s by the coast. a little bit more in the way of 40s but even oakland airport is at 43. down in the deep south, a whopper system there. more snow falling 0 the back side, wichita, panhandle, it's severe weather. a lot of flights being canceled in oklahoma city. wil rogers airport. if you have travel planser that. there's the system. it will give -- travel plans there. there's the system. 50, 60s, coast and bay. a few 60s inland. very quiet. a little bit warmer towa
francisco. and 65 degrees in santa rosa. more on those pending 70-degree temperatures coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> what day is it going to be? all right. thank you, lawrence. so we promise to tell you what the slowest commute so far of the morning is and it's this one, coming out of tracy from 205 out towards the altamont pass. a lot of brake lights, seeing a lot of traffic in the westbound lanes and slowing out of livermore. roadwork in the stretch approaching north greenville. close second the westbound 4 road slow from a street and lone tree way. 16 miles per hour and then it gets better towards the pittsburg-bay point area and concord. southbound 101 through san rafael looks like this, a nice ride down towards the golden gate. and south bay the only spot we're seeing some slowdowns now is 101 coming into san jose and it's right there by the mckee exit where we have a photographer this morning showing us a live look in those northbound lanes. it was slower earlier this morning but just a heads up, you may find some delay
degrees in san francisco. and 65 degrees in santa rosa. when might we see those temperatures up in the 70s? we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are just cruising right along so far in traffic. no big hot spots. people take a little while to get going sometimes on a monday. so if you are heading on the nimitz freeway, it sounds like there is still some overnight roadwork in lanes. they got two stretches of it on southbound 880 between 23rd and high street. they have closed the left lane and then if you are continuing southbound between davis street and marina, the right lanes remain closed. caltrans expects to pick those up, those closures up here, very shortly. in the meantime, towards the bay bridge quiet into san francisco. to our maps. checking our bay area bridges, san mateo bridge at the limit as you come up on the high- rise. menlo park looks good heading out of the city both directions of 4 moving at the limit. other roads across the bay area, 64 miles per hour into berkeley this morning. no d
of averages really coming down. santa rosa right now 88% of average. san francisco at 83% and san jose 74%. and there are no rain drops showing up on the extended weather charts. as far as overnight lows, definitely want to bundle up. coolest locations will be in the lower 30s out toward napa, san francisco 95 and livermore in the mid-30s. basically just falling apart. more sunshine for your monday. the dry weather pattern is here to stay. as that storm track heads to the north. for wednesday, thursday and friday we will begin to work things up and look what happens by friday march 3rd. we will be approaching 70 to 73 degrees on friday. that will be the warmest day of the week. here's our forecast model showing you this. a few high clouds moving into the region from the north. tomorrow morning at 6:00. once again another round of full sunshine by 2:00, 3:00. clear skies for monday night that will carry over into tuesday as well. forecast highs for tomorrow, these numbers not a big change from today. warmest locations in the mid- 60s toward concord. you can see 64. oakland 63, san jose in
to the west of santa rosa and by afternoon, sunshine. winds out. tuesday and wednesday. different days but really the same forecast here. just looking at high clouds going on by. that's about all gotting to go get through. s that a hide builds back, underneath it you continue can't to go up. 30s and starting tomorrow morning, a bill chilly. t-shirt tomorrow perhaps. 60s around san jose. 65 and sples santa ana tonight valley. close to 60 in san francisco. very clikly one of the cooler things we'll see for sdaefr high pressure nonarea and you can see the numbers here, as we head towards the end of the week and into the weekend, it looks like sunday around this time next weekend, a few more clouds and sea breeze. it will cool us off. the seven-day forecast. you're t not going to see it there but towards the dpining of the following week, we hope. we keep saying that every week. we keep thinking it's a little bit more rain and snow. in the meantime, we'll enjoy the 60 degrees. >> yes. >>> still to come at 11:00. didn >>> and the oscar goes to -- >> look at that. some surprising at the acad
bay. 36 and about, 36 santa rosa, downtown san francisco 45. 41 redwood city, livermore mid 30's concord 37, vallejo 33. satellite and radar show no greens on those showers or wet weather for the immediate bay area. eureka and points north at a storm there and acting parts of washington and oregon. clouds on the southern end of this system so we may get just a few high clouds out of it later today. it could keep temperatures a little cooler today compared to yesterday's. at them, and the heart of the bay '50s and '60s for the livermore valley. by 2:00 widespread 60s, a very comfortable day. 8:00 tonight it will cool down into the fifties under light winds and clear skies. mid-60s campbell, 62 sunnyvale, palo alto mid- 60s, millipede is near mid- 60s. walnut creek will get to around 65 degrees. pleasanton danville concord around 64, and the north lower mid-60s runabout. downtown san francisco's low 60s, berkeley oakland lower 60s for the east bay. 7 day around the bay lots of sunshine for the seven day forecast. maybe some patchy morning fog tomorrow, friday and saturday it lower
forecast we will get to that in a minute. >> ready 6 in downtown san francisco. 34 santa rosa. pleasanton 33. livermore valley bit '30's. san jose 37. redwood city 43. satellite and radar picture shows us we will stay dry today in the next several days as we could use the rain. the rain and snow is focused in oregon and washington. there may be a few clouds and this afternoon high passing cloud. the end of it will skirt the bay area otherwise expecting plenty of sun today, tomorrow, and into the weekend. here's a look at our temperatures. temperatures will see the '60s again. it will be nice and comfortable. >> fifties for the heart of the bay. '60s for the north bay. san jose, livermore by 2:00 today widespread '60s and nice pleasant day. by 8:00 tonight the blue means we will cool down generally into the fifties by the hour. highs for today's 62 and sunnyvale. 63 in mountain view. san jose 63. in the east bay low to mid 60's. 65 for walnut creek. 60 in castro valley. union city's 63. antioch near mid- 60s. and in the north bay temperatures 624 navato 65 for napa. 57 for daly city. san b
rights icon rosa parks by unveiling a statute in the u.s. capitol, the first full statue of an african-american to stand in the halls of congress, across the street, the supreme court will be hearing arguments from those challenging the constitutionality, the voting rights act reauthorization named in part for rosa parks. an act both republicans and democrats came together after extensive days and days and days and weeks and weeks of hearings and signed into law by a republican president. in the pending case, the challengers of the supreme court seek to strike down section 5 of the voting rights act, even though that critical section is protecting the constitutional guarantees against discrimination and voting where 100 years of prior civil rights laws have failed. now, the supreme court got it right four years ago when they upheld the constitutional authority of congress to reauthorize section 5 against a similar challenge. neither the words of the constitution nor the importance of these critical provisions protecting the right to vote has changed in the last four years. under these
a few degrees with the cloud cover. santa rosa 64. 63 sonoma. oakland worked at 64 and hayward 62 and interior east bay more mid60s. con -- concord 64. a little dip tomorrow with the clouds and then get ready for a nice gradual warm up. thursday and friday are the warmest days with temperatures in the 70s. i like that of the. >> we'll take warm. >>> well, if you don't -- it is likely you don't realize it, but companies can track your every on-line movement. >> michael finney tells us what one woman found when she >>> in a world of smart phones and gps, privacy is hard to come by. >> it is. they passed landmark legislation only to find it overwhelmed by the technology it is attempting to rein in. >> michael finney joins us with the effort to hit the reset button on all of this. >> if there is one thing the valley has told us, if you are not moving forward, are you losing ground. that applies to technology and to the privacy laws surrounding technology. >> the privacy laws have been caught in a time warp when this was a state-of-the-art computer. this was as smart as phones got. the
santa rosa which at one time was 170% of normal for the season. i think sometime back in november. now they are 88. san francisco is 83%. and san jose is falling off the cliff here rainfall wise. only 74%. this will go down. there is no rain in sight until march 5th. now temperatures yesterday warmed up. we'll cool them down a little bit. just by the mere fact we are getting a little on shore breeze. san francisco 46. i will go for a high of 58 today. yesterday's high was 60. you can see the systems. yeah they look good. by the time they get here they -- maybe a little bit of cooling. few high clouds. extremely dry pal tern. end of the week looks very mild to warm. in fact, think low to mid 70s certainly possible. 30s and 40s to near 50 degrees. san francisco is 46 right now. where as all the active weather down in deep south. severe weather there. also on the backside of that low you can see severe weather from dallas to tulsa. somebody is getting weather. just not us here. our weather is very quiet, very tranquil. it will stay that way for awhile. the low that came by on the weekend
a full church in a primary, alabama. it was just days after rosa parks was arrested. the african committed these -- african commodities had gathered to decide what have became the firm is montgomery boycott. >> it has been moved and seconded that the resolution will be received and adopted. are you ready? all in favor, let it be known by standing on your feet. [cheers] [applause] >> that was the day we started a bus protest which literally electrified the nation and that was the day when we decided that we were not going to take segregated buses any longer. when we planned the bus boycott, we said if we could just get about 50% or 60% of the negro's of montgomery not to ride buses, this would be any effective boycott. i think that whole day we found a negro's on the bus. from that day on, that boycott was more than 99.9% effective. i remember that monday morning when i was to be in court. the chief defender, many things ran through my mind. i started thinking about the people. all day long drawn to think of something to say to the people -- all day long, trying to think of someth
by congresswoman rosa delauro of connecticut. >> storm that hill, make the difference. >> inside, the activists are greeted by congresswoman donna edwards of maryland, who, with delauro, has introduced legislation raising the minimum wage for tipped workers. >> i know that when i waited tables, i didn't just do it because i needed some extra change. i did it because i had to pay my rent. i did it because i had to make sure that i had food in my refrigerator. i did it because i needed transportation to get back and forth to school. it was a job. >> saru jayaraman's new book "behind the kitchen door" is an insider's expose of what it's really like to work at the lowest rungs of the restaurant industry. >> there are actually now over 10 million restaurant workers in the united states. so seven of the ten lowest paying jobs in america are restaurant jobs, and the two absolute lowest paying jobs in america are restaurant dishwashers and fast food preps and cooks are the two absolute lowest paying jobs in america. these workers earn poverty wages because the minimum wage for tipped workers at the fed
class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room tonight at 6 eastern [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems tell your doctor if you have new
obama will meet with congressional leaders. that is for an unveiling of the statue for rosa parks in the capitol. for a deal on sequestration there are no talks. bill: woodward calls it a case of distortion and confusion. calls it a classic case. argues that washington is using this technique too often lately. is he just talking about the current administration? what else would he cite in that do you believe? >> one of the key points that wood ward has made is both sides are to blame here, there is no doubt about that. but, president obama is the president. he is in charge. so when you look back to deals or crisis that president reagan, president clinton, faced, the president is the one that has to lead the most. and that is where he is pushing back at the white house as they have fired at him. bill: they are just mixed up, surprisingly. so the words of woodward today, bob cusack thank you for your words right now. have a great week. >> thank you, bill. bill: here is martha. martha: here is a question for you on monday morning. is it a new cold war that could cripple countries? cy
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